Top Coverage for Bald Spot and Thinning Hair



Top Coverage for Bald Spot and Thinning Hair – 4.5 oz

Hair loss concealer that erases bald spots.

Top Coverage is easy to use: just spray on the thinning area, bald spot will disappear instantly. You can choose black, brown, light brown or gray to match your hair color.


Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly. Remember, you should shampoo every morning and re-spray. Shake well before each use and spray sparingly for the best effect.

Top Coverage will not come off in plain water. However, the unique allows it to wash out completely with shampoo.

For bald spots: Shampoo and dry. Comb hair away from balding area. Hold nozzle 4 to 6 inches from scalp and spray bald area lightly with a rotating motion. Let dry for about three minutes. Comb hair over sprayed area. Use sparingly for best effects.

For thinning hair: Shampoo and dry. Starting at the back of head, part hair parallel to the forehead. Hold spray nozzle 4 to 6 inches from part and spray on part. Repeat parting and spraying lightly at inch intervals, moving toward forehead. Comb hair back from forehead and spray hair. Let dry for three minutes. Comb hair.


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