Ceramic Tools Ceramic 24mm (1 inch) straightening iron – Model CT2555



Ceramic Tools – Ceramic 24mm straightening iron – Model CT2555

Latest Technology – Outstanding Advantages
– Ceramic evenly spreads heat for faster styling
– Ceramic emits negative ions which revitalize your hair
– Ceramic assists in the breakdown of bacteria buildup

Ceramic technology offers many outstanding advantages and is the #1 tool used by the professional beauty industry. Ceramic prevents uncontrolled rises in temperatures and allows for more even heat distribution, so silky, smooth hair is easily achieved. Additionally, ceramic is an alternative material for styling tools that offers increased surface toughness.

Ceramic Plate Technology Features

  • 200 Watts with Ceramic Pulse™ heat technology
  • 25 Heat settings
  • On/Off with indicator light
  • Antistatic detachable comb
  • Slim 24mm plate size for versatile styling
  • Floating Plate design for complete contact across entire surface
  • visit www.conairpro.com for more infomation


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